The Spring Band Concert

Stephanie, Princess Buttercup, and Lefty. Sorry, it’s a little blurry.

It was a wonderful, creative, crazy idea.

It was a fun idea.

It was a scary idea.

Princess Buttercup’s band directory wanted the kids to teach their parents how to play the kids’ instruments for a segment in the Spring Band Concert.

I had never played clarinet in my life, but I play the flute.

Lefty, bless his heart, is not musically inclined.

For some reason, PB got impatient teaching me and gave up. Then we decided that it would be kicky for Lefty (our favorite guy who is mathematically-minded, left-handed, and completely left-brained) to learn to play the clarinet.

Princess Buttercup helps Lefty prepare for the concert.

It was an easy song to learn…the beginner among beginning-est songs: Mary had a Little Lamb.

Lefty is tenacious as a bulldog and threw himself into learning the toddler tune.

Last night, he made his stage debut with about 25 of us other parents at the band’s Spring Concert. Just to bulk up the Parent Band, the band director had a handful of us veteran musicians to play along with the group.

The kids joined us on stage to help the parents with our music and stage deportment.

It was cacophonous!

It was clamorous!

It was epic!

Afterwards, Lefty said to me, “You know…That was kind of fun.”

Lefty and me.

8 Responses to The Spring Band Concert

    • Well hello there, Petrosha! I’m glad you came to Sweetgum Life for a visit! It’s so nice to hear from you again.

      You are so sweet…we don’t think of ourselves as amazing…just the typical American family. At the same time, if we all look inside ourselves, there’s always an interesting story to be told.


    • Hi Gail; I know, right? I’m so proud of him. It was something that was completely different that anything he has tried before.

      I agree with you, never stop learning. Always look to try to something new. Grandma Moses Robertson (no relations, I don’t think) is one of my inspirations.

  1. Stephanie, I giggled when you mentioned PB giving up on teaching you. That’s exactly what happened when my daughter attempted to teach me piano. I’d much rather listen to her play than struggle with my clumsy fingers on the keys.
    Blessings on your weekend ~ Wendy

    • Hi Wendy! I’m glad to share a laugh and mother/dau memory with you. She was much more patient with her dad. Although, it may be because he picked up on the instrument faster than I did. (??) 😉

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