Happy Mother’s Day and a Trip to University Pickers and Lowe Mill

Hope your Mother’s Day is “Pixel Perfect!” Store in Lowe Mill.

Happy Mother’s Day, dear Readers!

And Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom!!!

On a pre-Mom’s Day trip, I took myself to University Pickers and Lowe Mill. University Pickers is this amazing vintage store in Huntsville. They have everything from painted furniture, to jewelry, to…you guessed it–Mother’s Day gifts!

I met the nicest lady named Josie who works at University Pickers and also owns a booth with her family. To honor Josie’s mom, here is a shout-out to their vintage booth, Heron Bay Marketplace.

I have a friend who would love this owl hanger at Heron Bay Marketplace.

Love this sofa…don’t you?

If I got this chandelier from Junk-in-Laws, I wouldn’t be sad. ๐Ÿ˜‰

After taking a bunch of pics for my Instagram page, I headed across town to Lowe Mill–Huntsville’s premiere art district that is housed in a former factory building. Lowe Mill is very, very steampunk. There are probably over 100 shops in Lowe Mill that sell everything from stained glass to vintage clothing. And everything in between.

Lowe Mill with view of water tower.

Stain Glass at Big Glass Art, where you can commission your own design for your home.

Entry, Big Glass Art.

I always have to stop by Karma Rags when I go to Lowe Mill.

Hallway with swings.

You’re never too old to enjoy a swing.

8 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day and a Trip to University Pickers and Lowe Mill

  1. Lowe Mill reminds me of the shirt factory in the county seat of our county-long-ago. After it closed, it opened again as the COOP. After a few years, the COOP moved to another building, and left the shirt factory building in a state of disrepair.

      • Thank you. Happy Mothers Day to you, too. Yes. The factory was next to the library. In later years, a factory was built across the road from the funeral home. This Vanity Fair clothing factory was there for a number of years. I had to go home on the school bus and help Mama and the clerks in the store. Several Vanity Fair people came by to shop. Also, a number of people from the Paper Mill stopped by the store. With Aunt Maybelle running the meat department, Mama, Miss Vernell and I were up front at the check out counter. Linda rode the school bus to Pennington to help Daddy and his clerks there. The paper mill was about 3 miles from Daddy’s Pennington store.

  2. Now there’s some places I would definitely visit of I was closer! Hope you have a great Mother’s Day and someone in your family ‘gets’ the hints you’ve left here ๐Ÿ™‚
    BTW – did you realise that your ‘like’ button is AWOL ?

    • My nephew is going to come over and help fix some of the problems that I’m having. I need a “Like” and a “Follow” button. Thanks for letting me know!

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