Excellent Kid Party this Weekend!

I made the Krispy Kreme Donut cake for her actual birthday. We’re doing ice cream cake for the party.
Hi Everyone! I am getting ready for a big birthday party this weekend!

It’s the first big party in our new house.

Here’s the funny thing: I put little thought and little planning into this party for Princess Buttercup. She send out texts to her buddies, and there’s no telling how many will show up.

Yes, that’s how the Robertsons roll, peeps! Free-spirits, we are.

Actually, PB says that she invited about 30 kids. We’ll see how it goes, and I’ll let you know on Monday.

When she was 10 years old, I did a whole bunch of planning, sent out a bunch of invitations, decorated like mad, and planned games. It was a luau theme and we had it on Mom and Dad’s sun porch by their pool. The kids played a couple of games and spent the rest of the time chasing Lefty around with water balloons. Afterwards, Princess Buttercup asked me not to plan games at the party anymore. From then on, they just hung out and did what kids do best: play and goof off.

This morning I went to Sam’s Club and bought boxes of hamburger patties, hotdogs, plates, plastic utensils, etc.

I met a lady who was doing the same thing…buying party fixins for her 14-y-o grandson.

I found out that there’s going to be a 50% chance of rain tomorrow evening.

No worries.

We’ll just go with it!

Loaded up with lots of food.


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    • Lela,
      It was so much fun. I joined in on the games and had a blast! The donut cake was delicious (I can brag b/c I didn’t make it–Krispy Kreme did) and I just stuck it all together with toothpicks.

      Thanks for dropping by!


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