My Social Media Rant

I went to a writer’s group on Saturday and found out that I shouldn’t be using Instagram so much (or, at all) because I’m well over 30. Apparently, the statistics show that my age group is supposed to be into Facebook while the younger set does IG or whatever the very latest thing is to come down the social media pike.

I tried to get on Facebook today but it wouldn’t accept my password. That’s ok. I’m sort of over the whole Facebook we’re-gonna-set-out-algorithms-and-tell-you-what-you-want-to-see thing.

A young marketing grad told me yesterday that Instagram is heading that way, too.

Boooooo! Boo, boo, boo!

Look, say I: Don’t box us in people. I know, I know…you’re trying to market stuff to us and try to sell us stuff. Really, I get that. But if you really want to give me what I want as a whatever-something-aged wife/mom, just keep it simple. I’m not just a stat, floating around the Cloud out there. I’m a real person with real feelings. And, puh-leeze don’t try to figure me out. People have tried, trust me. It’s a no-win proposition.

And I’m probably not the only one who feels that way, either. Can I get an “amen?”

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  1. Well, go ‘snapchat’ yourself! lol At 59 I love surprising some of those young people with the fact I know all about Facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc.

    • Way to go, Judy H! Proud of you, Girl…we’ll show the younger crowd just what we mamas can do. 😉

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