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Beauty Happier after Marrying Beast?

Do you think Beauty was happier after marrying Beast?

According to a study from the Florida State University, she was!

red rose and beauty and the beast

APVI-TV out of Philadelphia mentioned the study here.

Apparently, women are happier when they are just a wee bit better-looking than their hubs.

On the other hand, brides that are less attractive than their grooms tend to worry about their weight and they stress about exercising more.

As for me, I like to think my relationship goes further than skin-deep. Maybe new brides initially think about looks but (as the marriage progresses) the deeper love takes over. I’d like to read more about the study and see if the university addresses this.

What about you and your honey? And does it really matter?

Beauty Happier after Marrying Beast and our engagement photo
The engagement announcement photo for our local papers.

Counting Cows Devotional Thought

When I was a girl growing up in south Alabama, my dad practiced counting cows. Yep, he had about 75 head–that’s cattle farm terminology for 75 cows and calves– that he counted whenever he drove the tractor down the field road, over the railroad tracks, and through the gate. Then he would start counting cows.… Continue Reading

Ripple Effect — Women Honoring Women

Last night I got to witness the ripple effect in practice at the WEDC Foundation’s 16th annual Women Honoring Women fundraiser in Huntsville.  The title of the event, put on each year in the Von Braun Civic Center by the WEDC Foundation, was “When Perseverance Meets Passion.” So many ladies out there have the passion… Continue Reading

The University of Alabama Million Dollar Band

The University of Alabama Million Dollar Band Alumni Weekend. At the last minute, Princess Buttercup, one of her pals, Lefty, and I acquired tickets to go watch the University of Alabama’s Million Dollar Band! Oops! I meant to say that we got tickets to go watch the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide beat the University… Continue Reading

Rural Tennessee Farms and Roads

Rural Tennessee is one of the prettiest areas in the south and reminds me of Papa M’s farm, which lies about an hour south of the Tennessee/Alabama state line. It has a completely different feel than where I grew up in south Alabama. The color of the hay fields looks different, the sky and trees… Continue Reading

Creepy Doll Art made from Dog Day’s Flea Market Treasure

If you read yesterday’s blog, you know that one of my Ardmore Dog Day’s Flea Market finds was a creepy little doll. This morning, the creative bug bit–for better or for worse–and I decided to make a Creepy Doll mosaic and painting. All of the mosaic pieces came from this month’s JJill fall catalog. (I… Continue Reading

Dog Days Flea Market — Ardmore, Tennessee

Post preview: I want you to see all of the photos that I took from the Dog Days Flea Market. If you scroll through the entire post, you’ll see the following vintage photos: phone, phonograph, pink and white Arvin FM radio, kerosene lanterns, milk glass, wooden cabinet, crackled doll, Suzy Homemaker toy oven, Coca-Cola tray,… Continue Reading

Praying for you, Houston!

I have at least one loyal reader who lives near the Houston area. I won’t mention any names, but I just want to thank you, Dear Houston Reader, so much for following my humble blog and taking time to read my stuff. I also want you to know that I, along with people all over… Continue Reading


Look what I’ve been up on this rainy fall-esque day! I checked out this great library book for those who are into hand lettering. The book is called Creative Lettering: Techniques & Tips from Top Artists by Jenny Doh. It gives a brief bio about 16 artists and demonstrates a few of their techniques. I tried… Continue Reading