Dog Days Flea Market — Ardmore, Tennessee

Post preview: I want you to see all of the photos that I took from the Dog Days Flea Market. If you scroll through the entire post, you’ll see the following vintage photos: phone, phonograph, pink and white Arvin FM radio, kerosene lanterns, milk glass, wooden cabinet, crackled doll, Suzy Homemaker toy oven, Coca-Cola tray, Volkswagon Beetle, and toy clowns in a toy theater.

vintage phone, rusty record player, kerosene lantern, pink and white Arvin FM radio

Ardmore, Crepe Myrtle Capital of the South

On Labor Day, I went for a drive just to get out of the house for awhile. The wonderful fall-like weather has been unusual for early September, but it is perfect! By the time I got to the Tennessee state line, I remembered that they were having the Dog Days Flea Market in Ardmore, Tennessee. I changed directions and headed toward Ardmore. 

So when I got down the winding hillside, I learned that I needed $2 to park at Dog Days.


I hadn’t brought any real money.

But I did manage to find 8 quarters in my coin purse.

I was set.

The flea market had some really great stuff like old lanterns, vintage toys, iron skillets and stuff, rusty signs… The good stuff like on HGTV’s Flea Market Flip. On this day, the flea market wasn’t too crowded. I was told that most of the hoards came through yesterday, which was great! It’s hard to do much browsing when you constantly have to say, “‘Scuse me, ‘scuse me.”

vintage kerosene lantern
Old kerosene lantern and is this mid-century milk glass??

I saw some reasonably-price cast iron skillets (woohoo!!!) but the owners couldn’t take checks. So, I moved on. I bought a lime green bowl (a Fiestaware knock-off) for $.68–the rest of the money in my coin purse.

A man ahead of me had a bass fish wallhanging that he’d bought. (Now, I wonder why that guy needs that?!?)

old wooden cabinet

Would you make something fabulous from this old wooden cabinet or leave it as-is? Send me a comment in the blank, below and let me know what you think. We bloggers l-o-v-e feedback! 

vintage doll with cracked face
This doll may be a little creepy, but her face looks like a mosaic–which I love!

I talked with a lady yesterday who told me this was the Easy-Bake Oven of her generation:

vintage Suzy Homemaker toy oven

vintage Suzy Homemaker toy oven
Sign of their times–Suzy Homemaker!!!

people casually browsing flea market

Vintage Coca Cola tray

Volkswagen Beetle
Punch bug!

Punch and Judy Clowns in vintage toy stage
Creepy clowns

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  1. You are so FUN! I wish I could have gone with you; together we could have scraped up at least $5.00. Lol!
    Love the doll & all the vintage goodies you found. The little chest? Hmmm, maybe put a new floor in it & refinish it with sand paper & paint. It looks like a good piece for the garage; all the things I could put in there. Good blog my friend; keep ’em coming!

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