Creepy Doll Art made from Dog Day’s Flea Market Treasure

creepy doll
Meet Creepy Doll.
If you read yesterday’s blog, you know that one of my Ardmore Dog Day’s Flea Market finds was a creepy little doll. This morning, the creative bug bit–for better or for worse–and I decided to make a Creepy Doll mosaic and painting.

All of the mosaic pieces came from this month’s JJill fall catalog. (I love JJill’s clothing.) Anyway, I started clipping Creepy Doll’s face with the models’ faces, forearms, and shins. For diversity, I chose every skin color imaginable.

But then I really started feeling creepy for cutting up the models. I don’t know, but a little Edgar Allan Poe anxiety fluttered across my heart. I started imagining those models jumping from the Creepy Doll mosaic and seeking vengeance while I slept. So, I pasted khaki clothes over the models instead. Irrational? You bet. But whatever.

doll mosaic
Creepy Doll mosaic–enhanced saturation via PhotoShop Elements.

Next, I pasted Creepy Doll on to another page and used a black LePen alcohol-based ink marker (à la Hobby Lobby) to trace CD’s face cracks. I was going for a 1-dimensional look, so I filled in Creepy Doll’s face with acrylic paint. The paint color that I chose makes poor little Creepy Doll look a little jaundiced to me…what do you think?

Meanwhile, Creepy Doll began to grow on me. She has such pretty blue eyes and a bow mouth. The cracks in her face gives her a certain vulnerability; not to mention, she resembles a human baby.

Now I want to get back to the Dog Day’s Flea Market this weekend to see if she’s still there. I could rescue Creepy Doll from the fate of a cruel, loveless life!

Jaundiced Creepy Doll

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  1. Yowza! She IS creepy! Cute though . . . thanks for stopping by to visit me at Vintage Mama’s Cottage. And since you are a free lance writer by trade, how about sending in something we can feature in the RUBY magazine and blog??? Would love to have you share some of your creative ventures and projects in the future. Have fun at your flea market and see if you can find any other creepy stuff! Hugs, Nina @ Vintage Mama’s Cottage and RUBY magazine and community

    • Hi Nina,
      LOL at your first sentence! 😉
      I may just have to take you up on gathering a post for Ruby. Thanks, and what an honor!!!

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