Beauty Happier after Marrying Beast?

Do you think Beauty was happier after marrying Beast?

According to a study from the Florida State University, she was!

red rose and beauty and the beast

APVI-TV out of Philadelphia mentioned the study here.

Apparently, women are happier when they are just a wee bit better-looking than their hubs.

On the other hand, brides that are less attractive than their grooms tend to worry about their weight and they stress about exercising more.

As for me, I like to think my relationship goes further than skin-deep. Maybe new brides initially think about looks but (as the marriage progresses) the deeper love takes over. I’d like to read more about the study and see if the university addresses this.

What about you and your honey? And does it really matter?

Beauty Happier after Marrying Beast and our engagement photo
The engagement announcement photo for our local papers.

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