Is it Fall Yet?

Is it Fall yet?

White house in Five Points

The calendar says yes, and the temperatures are about 70 degrees in north Alabama…that’s about the norm for us!

But I didn’t exactly get the fall foliage I was going for when I went to take fall pictures this morning.

Everything but a few sweetgums and maples are still green as the grass.

The old Maple Hill Cemetery. You can see some of the Huntsville skyline over the trees.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy the photos I took. I went to Huntsville’s “Five Points” area and the historical district. Five Points is so “named for the 5-way intersection of Andrew Jackson, Pratt and Holmes.” According to the Five Points Historical District Association website, it was the first suburb to our town. I’d say the homes look to be about 1400 square feet. It’s a trendy area with these cute, little ranch houses, and unique restaurants like Olde Towne Coffee House and Thai Garden. It also has some artsy little shops there as well.

I took the next set of pictures at one of the historical districts. I forget which district.

So I guess I’ll wait until mid-November to get you some really pretty fall photos. I didn’t even see that many pumpkins out, but I did see a few.

Okay, so let me know what you think about the photos!

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  1. LIKE your photos. If you want to see more color, try Green Mountain nature trail. A friend took some beautiful last week.

  2. Hi Stephanie – I love your photos, they are just beautiful! Thanks for stopping by to visit me at Vintage Mama’s Cottage. I’m glad we connected through the wide world of the blogosphere and I look forward to seeing more of your posts in the future. Hope to catch up with you again soon, Nina @ Vintage Mama’s Cottage and RUBY magazine and community

    • Thank you, Nina! I’m glad to have a new friend!

      I look forward to seeing more at Vintage Mama’s Cottage.

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