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Will Post Soon

Hi Everyone!

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted as much this week. It has been nuts at Sweetgum Life!

You know how I say that sometimes life is sweet and sometimes it’s kind of sticky…like gum? Well, I’ve definitely had some sticky moments this week.

The main place that I’ve been stuck is meeting deadlines and securing good stories for our local paper. At the same time, it was kind of a fun challenge.

Princess Buttercup is knee-deep in band stuff. (Did I ever tell you that I love being a band mom??)

Anyhow, I hope I’ll get some good ol’ southern content coming at you next week.

Oh, yeah…I’m also trying to work with Mail Chimp to get a newsletter going. How fun is that? Don’t worry, I promise not to spam you. I just want to keep all of you wonderful readers who are all over the country close to my heart.

Till next week!


Beautiful Day in Downtown Huntsville

Today was a beautiful day to be in Downtown Huntsville. For the first time in months,the temperature rose to nearly 80 degrees.  It was sunny, and a lot of folks were out in the downtown area. I needed a protein drink…desperately.  Fortunately, I met Ty Blackwell who runs a local Wheelys Cafe along with his… Continue Reading

Dark Fears

My Dark Fears I don’t know why I do this, but often when I wake in the middle of the night, dark fears wake along with me. Like ghosts, my dark fears rise to haunt me. My fear of failure. My fear of success. Approaching deadlines cloud my reasoning, and I wish for morning, when… Continue Reading

Meet Romance Writer, Ginger Solomon

I want you all to meet romance writer, Ginger Solomon.  Ginger is President of our writer’s group.  She keeps us all on-task for our 2018 goals! About Ginger’s Books SGL:  Welcome to Sweetgum Life, Ginger! Ginger:  Thanks for having me! SGL:  What type of books do you write? Ginger:  Romance. Most of them are contemporaries, but I have one… Continue Reading

Create Beautiful Signs at University Pickers!

Create Beautiful Signs at University Pickers! In my last post, here, I wrote about my desire to create beautiful signs from the vintage wood I bought at Harrison Brothers’ basement. Well, today I took a class at University Pickers in Huntsville, and I made the sweetest little sign…It turned out better than I thought! Thanks… Continue Reading

Huntsville’s Old Harrison Brothers Hardware Store — Part I

On Saturday, I picked up some beautiful vintage wood from Huntsville’s old Harrison Brothers Hardware Store. You can read more about my adventures at Harrison Brothers, here. Harrison Brothers Hardware Harrison Brothers served the Huntsville community as a hardware store from 1897-1983. Established by brothers, James B. and Daniel T. Harrison, it remained under the… Continue Reading