Huntsville’s Old Harrison Brothers Hardware Store — Part I

On Saturday, I picked up some beautiful vintage wood from Huntsville’s old Harrison Brothers Hardware Store.

You can read more about my adventures at Harrison Brothers, here.

wooden crates, wood, drawers
Wood, drawers, and crates, oh my!

Harrison Brothers Hardware

Harrison Brothers served the Huntsville community as a hardware store from 1897-1983. Established by brothers, James B. and Daniel T. Harrison, it remained under the ownership of the Harrison family until the death of the last owner, John Harrison.

The Historic Huntsville Foundation bought the old store from the Harrison heirs. According to the HHF’s site, all of the floors, light fixtures, and shelves are original to the store. Cashiers even ring up customer purchases on the old cash register, circa 1907.

The Non-hardware Store

We all continue to call the place “Harrison Brothers Hardware Store,” even though…well, it’s not really a hardware store anymore.

It’s a fun place to shop, though. They sell arts and crafts, housewares, edibles, seasonal items, and vintage toys like marbles.

what a mess...dusty wood
What ever am I going to do with all this raw material?

What’s Hiding in the Harrison Brothers’ Basement?

First of all, I love the store and all of its wares.

But my favorite part about the store is what’s hiding in its basement!

Well, not anything scary, that I can tell you!

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, from 10 a.m. to noon, the Historic Huntsville Foundation (HHF) opens the basement to the public. There, you can purchase all sorts of vintage and historical architectural pieces that people have donated to the HHS.

I spent under $15 and brought home some old wooden drawers, wood pieces, and wooden crates with writing on the crates! I’m looking up ideas to up-cycle the wood and crates as home decor?

Do you have any suggestions?

wooden crate
The crate is about to fall apart!

4 Responses to Huntsville’s Old Harrison Brothers Hardware Store — Part I

  1. When I was a child, our drinks (sodas) came to our mama/papa store in wooden crates. Each drink had its own little wooden division. I can see in my mind: Coca Colas, Cream Sodas, Root Beer, Grapette, Orange Sodas, Strawberry Sodas…The drink box had an opener on the side. I use to get those tops, remove the cork, cover the tops with various scraps of cloth, press the cork back in, and stitch the cloth tops together to make a small mat as a “hot pot pad”. It looked like a small quilt.

    I wouldn’t paint the wood items if they were mine. I think they are lovely pieces of history. I think your crates and desk drawers could slide into a simple baker’s rack to assist you with the organization of your crafts room. I see a lot of used racks for sale on-line. Hobby Lobby has them, too. Great find, Stephanie!

    • What a great idea, Lindsey! They would look pretty on a wire wrack, maybe with some potted succulents.

      Thank you for sharing this fun childhood memory with us!

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