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Ripple Effect — Women Honoring Women

Stone that says Ripple Effect
The ripple effect stone

Last night I got to witness the ripple effect in practice at the WEDC Foundation’s 16th annual Women Honoring Women fundraiser in Huntsville. 

The title of the event, put on each year in the Von Braun Civic Center by the WEDC Foundation, was “When Perseverance Meets Passion.”

So many ladies out there have the passion to do something wonderful but can’t because of family or financial obligations or lack of adequate education. The WEDC Foundation, a leg of the Women’s Economic Development Council, provides funding for education, professional networking, mentoring, and development programs to help the women achieve their goals.

Alka Bhargav, President of WEDC Foundation Board of Directors, was first to speak.

6 amazing women from our community were honored for their contribution to our town: Dr. Jennie Robinson of the Huntsville City Council; Major General (Retired), U.S. Army; Christine Wicks, who established the first Keller William franchise in Huntsville; Dr. Stelia Nash-Stevenson, a published professional for NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center who holds a U.S. patent; Butch Damson, a community volunteer and philanthropist; and Dr. Elizabeth A. Worthey, a Faculty Investigator at the HudsonAlpha Institute and world-renowned scientist.

WEDC Foundation floral arrangement
Floral arrangement from last night.

One of our local news anchors, Demetria McClenton of WAAY31, served as the emcee.

For more photos, visit WAAYtv’s site.

Following the 6 honorees, Beth Brooks, Executive Director of the WEDC Foundation, gave a brief address. I was so honored when Ms. Brooks had invited me to the WHW event after I did a piece about the event for her in the Madison Living publication. Thank you so much, Ms. Brooks! You are right, it was a very inspiring evening!!

Kimberly Oden gave a heart-felt talk about how the WEDC Foundation enables her to attend Athens State University. With the help of her mentor, Valerie Davis, Kimberly is on her way to receiving a bachelor’s degree in education. Because of the support of the WEDC Foundation, our community will benefit from Kimberly’s perseverance and passion when she becomes a teacher.

That is the ripple effect!

We were told that the very first WHW event had about 60 attendees. Last night, there were around 800 attendees!!! We all got to take home a piece of Pizzelle’s chocolate (Yummmmmmm!!!) and a little black stone as a memento.

On the back of the black stone, written in gold letters, was one word: Ripple

Chocolate from Pizzell’s


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