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I Hate School! What’s a Mom to do?

I remember being at an event where I met another little six-year-old who was right at my age.

“I hate school,” I said with all the passion of my being. Let’s just say that my first grade teacher and I were far from compatico.

She liked to talk. And talk. And talk.

I liked to daydream and place myself anywhere except that little desk.

But, seriously…What can you do if your kid hates school?

My Mom is a retired Kindergarten teacher from wayyyy down in south Alabama. I got input from her as well as from a church friend who also has a master’s degree but in middle school.

Here’s what they suggested:

1. Get them involved in an extra-curricular activity that they’re passionate about.

2. Keep the lines of communication up between you and the teacher. Maybe your child is exaggerating, but maybe not.

3. Invite your child’s school friends over and meet their parents.

4. Try to let your older kids handle problems themselves so they can grow in their confidence.

5. Redirect their negative thoughts into a positive if possible. For example, if they despise math, remind them that they also get to do art, reading, or drama. (Okay, so that was my issue in school!)

6. Above all, take their problems seriously and be empathetic–especially if their safety is involved. After all, you want your kids to be able to come to you with any problem they have, right?

I found this fantastic website from Dr. Judy Willis–a Santa Barbara neurologist who actually started teaching middle school for awhile to put her neurology knowledge into practice.

Her site has links, video clips, and insight galore into the minds of our Littles:

Let me know what you think, and I’d love to gather more ideas to potentially publish in a parenting magazine. I’ll give you credit, of course! 🙂


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