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Rural Tennessee Farms and Roads

Rural Tennessee is one of the prettiest areas in the south and reminds me of Papa M’s farm, which lies about an hour south of the Tennessee/Alabama state line. It has a completely different feel than where I grew up in south Alabama. The color of the hay fields looks different, the sky and trees look different. Even the farmhouses and barns are different. (Did we even have farmhouses in south Alabama?) Whereas I grew up closer to the coast, north Alabama and south Tennessee have an Appalachian feel with rocky creeks rather than the sandy banks of home.

Photo of Tenneessee 2-story farm house as seen from road
Tennessee Farmhouse

So, when I took a little roadtrip to Ardmore, Tennessee a couple of Saturdays ago, I snapped some photos that reminded me of summers at Grandma and Papa M’s north Alabama farm.

Country roads in rural Tennessee
Old, country Tennessee road.

I enjoy driving on the old country roads in rural Tennessee. As you can see by the yellow warning sign, this road is one of those that wind up the sides of mountain foothills. You can pass hay fields one minute, and then find yourself driving under a tunnel of trees the next minute.

Tennessee farm hay field
Tennessee hay field.

It seems as though most farmers elect to use the big rolls of hay rather than the rectangle bales like my dad used to produce. Even Dad was using the big round bales later on for our cows and horses. They were great fun to play on, which was allowed as long as we were careful and didn’t mess up the bale too much. On our farm, we could climb the bales and run along the rows of them. At Thanksgiving, we hid among the bales and played epic hide-and-go-seek games with our cousins.

Papa M’s barn is a little bigger than this but is the same style and color.


rural Tennessee barn, stylized with Photoshop
Stylized barn, Photoshop Elements.


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