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Stories to come…Lot’s of Stories!

Dear Readers,

What a busy week last week! It was crazy.

I went down to south Alabama this past weekend and literally took hundreds of photos. I brought back tons of stories to share with you all and look forward to writing about them.

I will try to post later today as soon as I recover from driving down there and back in a weekend. And it was also Daylight Saving’s Time, which didn’t help my circadian rhythm.

Talk soon!


Nothin’ but a Hound Dog…

Did anyone notice that the dog in the photo is not a Beagle? I didn’t until Cristen told me. And then, I was like Rick Perry in 2012:  Oops. I told Lefty about it, and he said, “Well, you know…Snoopy is a Beagle.” “That’s exactly who I was thinking of when Cristen told me,” I… Continue Reading

I am a Gentle Woman

I am a Gentle Woman By: Stephanie L. Robertson   I am a gentle woman. I do not call undue attention to myself. I work out of or inside of my home because, My husband and I made the decision together. I care for my children and often put their needs before my own. I… Continue Reading

Vendors wanted for Blog Extravaganza!

As you can see, I’ve got a pile of business cards to go through. These are actually the cards that I filtered out of a huge stack! I’m hoping to contact each of these to find cool giveaway prizes for my new blog launch in February! I’d like to award my dear Readers somehow for… Continue Reading

Stalking Stamos

Facebook is a-buzz with sightings of John Stamos, one of the stars of 80’s hit TV show, “Full House.” Stamos was in town to perform with the Beach Boys last night at the Von Braun Civic Center. It’s not often that celebrities come into town that get the 35+ crowd in a tiz. So I… Continue Reading

Books that I am Reading Now

I invariably have library fines at any of the four libraries that I frequent. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t take spending money lightly. (Who does, now-a-days!) But at least the money goes to supporting the libraries. Here is a list of books that I’m either reading or ones that are stacked on a table,… Continue Reading