Out for the Tummy Bug

It happens to the best of us.

Even those of us germaphobes who meticulously wash our hands. All. The. Time.

I just don’t know why mama is the only one in the fam who got the tummy bug, while everyone else is skipping along enjoying the beautiful sunshine outside.

Well, whatever…Mama got some new material coming to ya next week when I feel a lot better.

By that time I’ll be done lying on the sofa, binge-watching Netflix, sipping Gatorade, and nibbling dry toast and Ramen noodles.

I’ll be searching out the biggest hamburger in town and seeking out real, human social interaction.

‘Til then…




My Social Media Rant

I went to a writer’s group on Saturday and found out that I shouldn’t be using Instagram so much (or, at all) because I’m well over 30. Apparently, the statistics show that my age group is supposed to be into Facebook while the younger set does IG or whatever the very latest thing is to… Continue Reading