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DIY Fall Wreath — Pin it or Pitch it?

Check out my DIY Fall Wreath, Everyone…Should I Pin it, or Pitch it?

photo of pine cone wreath

It seems like every door should have that little pop of seasonal or holiday cheer that comes from a DIY wreath.

Why go to the store and buy one, when DIY is so much more fun!

I got the idea from garden designer and blogger, Ananda, here.

I think Ananda’s wreath looks a lot fuller because she used smaller pine cones, which may work better.

fall foliage


Fall foliage or decor.

Wreath Holder Giant Suction Cup or other holder to hang wreath upon.

20″ Box Style Wreath Frame, grape vine wreath or florist foam wreath.

Hot Glue Gun.

Several Glue Sticks. (I used about 4-5.)

diy materials
I bought the wreath and suction hanger at Hobby Lobby.

fall foliage diy
Fall Foliage


  1. Arrange pine cones on wreath ring to decide on wreath design and prop the wreath up to allow for hot glue drippings. 
  2. Glue individual pine cones to wreath. Hint: I put a lot of glue in the pine cone scales. 
  3. Fill in spaces by using a variety of foliage. Hint: The wreath seemed fuller when I alternated pine cones back and front of wreath. I used some silk leaves that I had on hand, and what would the Sweetgum House be without a few sweet gum balls in the decor?!!

  4. hotglue gun on pine cones
    Step 2: Glue that pine cone for all that it’s worth!!!

    hotglue gun on pine cones
    Step 3: Prop that puppy up so it won’t glue the wreath to your table.

    The wreath is a little thinner than I had hoped for.  I may glue some extra pine cones to make the wreath fuller.

    final product, fall wreath

    So what do you think? Should I Pin it, or pitch it?

    Hey, Guys…Bloggers just love comments, and I sure would like to hear from you! 😉

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