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Top Ten Christmas Activities

What are your top ten Christmas activities? I’m listing mine below (in no particular order) and would love to hear from you! Merry Christmas, and God bless us, everyone!

window wreath

Decorating the Christmas Tree and our whole house for Christmas.

I so enjoy home décor, period, but I get so much joy in pulling out meaningful ornaments and making my Christmas trees pretty. I had planned to buy another tree for my dining room, but they were so expensive that I decided to wait for the after-Christmas sales. Fortunately, my next-door-neighbors were tossing their tree because the lights weren’t working anymore. They said I could have it, so I drug it across the street and put new lights on it. I used only silver ornaments, while we used the other ornaments on our living room tree. My “silver tree” is so beautiful–one of the prettiest I’ve ever had. It lights up the whole dining room with it’s white lights and silver elegance. (At least I think so!)

Christmas foliage

Hearing my husband read the story of Jesus’s birth in Luke 2:1-20.

The story of Jesus’s birth is so beautiful. The verses are like a balm in their rhythm and the hope they give us in our world. I think people are more generous and kind at this time of year because so much is focused on our Lord, the Light of our complex world.

church ornament

Baking Christmas goodies

Grandmother Lindsey (who lived just across the pasture from us, when I was growing up in rural south Alabama) used to always make the best in sweet Christmas goodies. My favorite were her date balls, fudge, and divinity. When I was supposed to be practicing the piano, I’d go swipe a piece between songs. But I think she knew about it! 😉

Shopping for Christmas gifts for everyone.

Carefully selecting Christmas gifts for everyone is a favorite hobby of mine. I like to get the best gifts at the best prices and be a good steward of my cash.


Crafting hand-made presents for family and friends. Being crafty in wrapping gifts.

I am in my element, my happy place, my zone when I’m making presents for family, friends, and Princess Buttercup’s teachers. Furthermore, I like adding just a little bit of creativity when wrapping my gifts. I’d better get on it, actually. I’ve got only 2 weeks till show time!

Singing Christmas carols.

We went caroling last year. I did that for the first time when I was in college and loved it! I want to get a brave group to sing in our new (as of June 2016) neighborhood. Any volunteers?

Spending time with family and friends.

Spending time with those I love makes Christmas a special time for bonding and building memories. It’s the time of the year that Lefty takes time off of work, and Princess Buttercup and I love that!

Opening presents.

I’ve gotta be honest…opening presents is just plain fun!

Silver snowflake, a gift from my friend Kibbers.

Attending all the parties and eating all the good food!

We southerners are known for our food. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the feasting.

SouthernLivingChristmas2017, magazine

Smiling and saying, “Merry Christmas” to people I meet.

Like I said for my second activity on the list, people are so much friendlier around Christmas time. True, traffic can be a nuisance. And true, we’re southerners, and people from other places say that we’re friendly, anyway. But I think people are kinder around Christmas because so many more are thinking of the Light of the world, Jesus Christ.

Substituting Stephanie

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Standby Steph

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