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The University of Alabama Million Dollar Band

The University of Alabama Million Dollar Band Alumni Weekend.

Shots leading to University of Alabama campus.
Top right: University Boulevard near Moody Music Building.
Bottom right: The Quad, featuring Denny Chimes.

At the last minute, Princess Buttercup, one of her pals, Lefty, and I acquired tickets to go watch the University of Alabama’s Million Dollar Band!


I meant to say that we got tickets to go watch the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide beat the University of Colorado Rams.

Clarinet players in the Million Dollar Band.
Princess Buttercup talks shop with some MDB clarinet players. Aren’t these young ladies gorgeous!

Aunt Joyce, my mom’s baby sister, received 4 free tickets from a friend who was unable to attend the game. Thanks so much, Aunt Joyce and Uncle M!!!

As much as I am crazy about Alabama football, I love the Million Dollar Band even more.

Million Dollar Band at Elephant Stomp
The Elephant Stomp…a new tradition, at least since I attended UA.

Million Dollar Band in Bryant-Denny Stadium
MDB on field. We had to play on astro-turf, which burned through to our shoes on hot Alabama game days.

I played flute/piccolo for the Million Dollar Band for 3 seasons/post-seasons during the Kathryn Scott Mann years and loved it. It was an incredible commitment of time and energy, but totally worth it!

From the moment their white shoes touch the turf, you can sense the passion and pride that comes from deep within their guts. Literally. The scientific term is called diaphragm, a muscle within the thoracic cavity that functions in respiration.

When they push air up from that membrane-like muscle and into their horns (or strike against a percussion instrument), you’ll hear one of the most dynamic musical sounds known to human kind.

The Million Dollar Band’s music is lyrical as well as driving.

And that’s just speaking of the music by itself.

Their marching formation is tight. That is, their lines are straight and it’s like watching a living being morph into different lines and shapes.

Bryant-Denny Stadium and Million Dollar Band playing Tusk.
How awesome is the MDB elephant formation?

In a word or two, they are loud and proud!

I’m so thankful that I have a chance to be a part of it, and the alumni are a part of the Million Dollar Band. We have been called a “Band of Brothers,” who move through four (some more, some less!) years of university life and hand off the baton to the next generation of musicians.

Crimson Tide fan and Colorado State fans.
Me, hangin’ out with the opposition, the Colorado State Rams. Thanks for coming, and hope you guys had a great time at UA!!!


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