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The Sunny Sunflower Field

Sunflowers in the Isom’s Field.

The other day, I drove past this beautiful field of Sunflowers in a sunny field in the country near Athens, Alabama. Love!!!

What southerner doesn’t love sunflowers? I surely do!

There was a sign that said something like: You pick–Saturdays mornings!

The field was near Isom’s Orchard, one of my favorite roadside farmer’s market that is known for their delicious peaches, apples, etc.

I met one of the Isom ladies, who is nice as she can be. All of those Isoms are super-nice.

What do you think of the sunflowers that I picked for Sweetgum House? I love comments! 🙂

Sunflowers at Sweetgum House.

Note: I paid $1/stem for the sunflowers, which won’t growing much longer. You may recall that my Papa Lindsey and then my parents owned a little store in rural south Alabama…So I love promoting local businesses such as Isom’s, Lowe Mill, Funky Monkey,

University Pickers…all of those people! They’re cut from the same cloth as my Lindsey clan! 😉 Not to mention, I love writing about them!





My Lovely Garden

Here it is, Everyone…(drum roll)…… My garden at Sweetgum House! Okay. That’s not entirely true. I ‘fess…Actually not true at all. All of these fantastic flowers/herbs are at the Huntsville Botanical Garden! And that is the real, true truth. Continue Reading

The Hundred-Year-Old Dogwood

A few years ago, the city of Huntsville was going to build a road across one of the mountains. Well, they found this really old Dogwood tree in their way and no one wanted to destroy it to build the road. So they found a tree mover somewhere near Dallas, TX and got an estimate… Continue Reading

Happy Easter!

Hope you all enjoy the photos that I took that have an Easter theme. Happy Easter, and enjoy the beautiful sunshine! Note: The children’s clothing and window displays were taken at Snapdragon Kids–113 W. Washington Street, Athens, Alabama. Continue Reading

Unique to Huntsville–Bennett Nurseries

Spring is here! On the last day of spring break, we went to Bennett Nurseries–Voted “Best Nursery in Huntsville” for 5 years in a row. I consider Bennett’s to be a part of a wonderful learning experience for kids. It is very kid-friendly with it’s outdoor train set and the free sodas that they offer… Continue Reading

More Spring Break!

Hi, Dear Readers! Would write today, but Princess Buttercup and I are on a spring cleaning whirl. We’ve got to do something with this house! Will try to get back tomorrow. Meanwhile, I added a couple of cool kid crafts on my Pinterest board: http://www.pinterest.com/thewritesteph1/ Talk to you soon! Stephanie Continue Reading

In Just Spring When the World is Puddle-Wonderful

Hi All, Hope you are enjoying the first day of spring! I spent some time photo’ing the beauty of Big Spring Park in Huntsville, Alabama. I’m also enclosing a link to one of my favorite poems: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/176657. Happy Spring! *** NOTE: All ads displayed at the bottom of this post are inserted by Word Press.… Continue Reading