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Fall Leaves on Rainbow Mountain

This morning my friend Kibbs and I took a hike to see the fall leaves on Rainbow Mountain. Kibbs is a Christian wife and mom, a writer, and a very close friend.  Not only do I enjoy hiking for exercise, I love to see the beautiful fall leaves all over the ground.

Fall Leaves on Rainbow Mountain

What the Fall Leaves Teach us about People

After about an hour of hiking, Kibbs and I started thinking about all those different leaves all over the ground.
You know, those leaves on the ground are kind of like people.  You see all sorts of shapes, colors, and textures–and they’re all beautiful in their own way!

It’s hard to find a perfect leaf. For example, one leaf may have a bunch of different colors. Some have holes in them. Some have broken points. We’ve all got flaws, and it’s not like we the peeps we see on tv with perfect hair and flawless skin.

Fall leaves

What the Fall Leaves Teach us about Life

It’s kinda like us, isn’t it?
Our lives aren’t perfect, our families aren’t perfect…but everything seems to come together on this one beautiful rock called Earth.

What I’ve been Taught about Fall Leaves

Here’s one more thing about leaves…If you mow them into tiny bits rather than rake them, you’ve nourished your soil with a great source of nitrogen!  I’m one of the few in my neighborhood that doesn’t rake up all the fall leaves.  First of all, they are fun to toss at other family members, the pups like playing in them, I like the music they make under my boots, and I just think they’re really pretty.  So there’s your excuse for not raking this season.  Mow them instead for the sake of your soil.

Fall leaves

Happy Fall, Y’all!

Fall leaves with Spike and Snuggles
Spike and Snuggles love to play in the leaves.

DIY Edible Flower Basket from Southern Living

Hey, Guys! I made a DIY Flower Edible Basket from Southern Living magazine. (Ok, so the basket isn’t edible–the plant’s are.) Wink, wink! First I gathered all my materials: – Basket from Lowes– Peat moss – Slow-release fertilizer from the Enchanted Forest – Plants from Enchanted Forest Directions: I filled my basket with the peat moss… Continue Reading

Happy Southerners Share their Plants

One of the things that southerners do best is to share plants. I ran into a very generous lady yesterday who gave me a ton of plants to install at Sweetgum House. Here we have purple basil (yummmmmm), variegated Privet, dill, and a type of weeping willow. My friend told me that the Privet is… Continue Reading

Gardening Galore!

As promised, I’m posting all the plants that I bought at Bennett’s Nursery . I love working with herbs. I like to have them around for their scent, their looks, and I like cooking with the real deal. I could have cried (really, I promise you that I nearly did!) when I found out that… Continue Reading

A Beleaguered Cottage Garden

  Hi Everyone! Spring is upon us, which has put me into the gardening mood. I’m looking forward to decking out our “new” house with all sorts of blossoms and a little cottage garden. Lefty and I joke all the time about how our grandparents’ gardens and garden knowledge would put ours to shame. I… Continue Reading

Unique to Huntsville–Bennett Nurseries

Spring is here! On the last day of spring break, we went to Bennett Nurseries–Voted “Best Nursery in Huntsville” for 5 years in a row. I consider Bennett’s to be a part of a wonderful learning experience for kids. It is very kid-friendly with it’s outdoor train set and the free sodas that they offer… Continue Reading