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It’s Valentine’s Day and I ain’t got Nobody…

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Poor Charlie Brown.

He never got anything for Valentine’s Day but a used card that the gang gave him to assuage their own guilt.

Valentine’s Day may be great fun if you’ve got a sweetheart, but what if you’re like Charlie Brown and (like the song says) ain’t got nobody?

First of all, try not to worry about all the hype. Second, be good to yourself.

Here are some things that I’ve read from the blogosphere that seem like good ideas.

Tips for Weathering Valentine’s Day:

1. Do something nice for yourself such as send yourself some flowers. (Arlin Cuncic of www.Verywell.com)

2. Do something nice for someone else. Maybe you can visit a shut-in and take them a valentine. They are sure to love it!

3. Go for a friend’s night out with other singles. (Cuncic)

4. Curl up with a good book. (Rebekah of  More Radiance)

5. Babysit for free for a couple who can’t afford it. (Rebekah)

6. Send flowers to another single, anonymously. (Rebekah)

All of these are great ideas.

What do you advise a single for weathering V-Day?

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