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Summers on Grandma’s Farm

A gray barn like Papa’s. I took this picture near Springfield, MO.
A gray barn like Papa’s. I took this picture near Springfield, MO.


When I was a girl growing up in south Alabama, my parents would take my brother and I up to north Alabama to attend Maywood Christian Camp for a week, and then my dad’s parents would pick us up and take us to their farm for another week.

My cabin at Maywood Christian Camp.
My cabin at Maywood Christian Camp.


North Alabama is further from the Gulf of Mexico than my home town, thereby being a lot less humid, which was nice!

I’m sure the first day back from camp was spent resting up, we would attend church on Sunday, and then the rest of the week was full of wide-open possibilities!

Farm equipment on my cousin’s farm. My cousin now owns my grandparents’ farm.
Farm equipment on my cousin’s farm. My cousin now owns my grandparents’ farm.


Grandma always took us into town, which is Russellville, Alabama, a much bigger town than what we were used to.

She would buy us each a toy at TWL, and we would go to a big grocery store.

Since my parents owned a general store in Jachin, we weren’t used to going grocery shopping, which was great fun! We loved to help pick snacks and sugary cereals that we would consume during the week.

Then we would head back to our grandparents’ farm, and eventually end up playing in their great big gray barn, which was stocked with hay, spider webs, and so much dust.

Our parents would come and get us at the end of the week.  We were always so glad to see them and missed them so much!

We would go back home to our own piece of Alabama, which had an entirely different culture and it’s own rendition of an Alabama farm.

Our south Alabama farm.
Our south Alabama farm.

A Tribute to Uncle Buddy

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Bama Versus Tennessee Volunteers

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Why Robertsons Love Sweet Tea

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Fall / Halloween Festival Memories

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Halloween Fun at the Fall Festival

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Pumpkin-Carving Fun

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